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Getting off to a great start

Made it into the Night Job this morning only to find out that the office manager had had a senior moment and forgotten to tell me that she'd scheduled BJ for Sunday, which made me superfluous. Called her at home to confirm this, and also found out I'd been scheduled to work a week from Friday, when I'll be in St. Paul. FUCK. We talked about this. A month ago. Well, I'll work something out with BJ; probably wind up working Monday/Wednesday/Thursday that week instead of M-W-F. This cuts my hours pretty severely, and I'm Not Happy. I'll talk about this to her when I come in Tuesday...and I think I'm going to start coming in at 1600 if at all possible. I need me some hours.

Used the time wisely by going to Wal-mart, finishing my shopping, and getting quarters for laundry, which is running now.

I am not surprised to see that the media gave far more coverage to the forty losers who showed up for ACORN's "Richhunt" bus tour of AIG execs' houses than they did to the "Tea Party" protest in suburban Richfield. I am surprised that ABC noticed the discrepancy. Maybe they're trying to stake out some space between CBS/NBC/PBS and Fox? Meanwhile, this seems apropos.

Finally, today seems to be the start of allergy season. I see many boxes of loratadine in my future.
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