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Quitting after one more last one

One last shift at the Night Job, then I can come home and get a normal night's sleep before getting up, doing laundry, and heading out to the Fairfax County Job Fair before visiting the reclusive Mr. Taylor so I can be sure he hasn't been stuffed in a brain box by the Fungi from Yuggoth. I mean, if I were invading Earth, I'd start with snatching the AV archivist from the Smithsonian. Wouldn't you? Who would have a better handle on the aerial & space defenses of the monkey boys from Planet 3, anyway? Well, yes, the Defense Ministers of the PRC and Russia, but they'd be obvious and promptly missed. The same goes for Mr. Gates at the Pentagon.

Off at 1500 from the Day Job, home to pay some bills and answer some mail, and off soon to get some shrimp from Popeye's for dinner before heading off to the Night Job. If it's slow enough, I'll have one of the pros run my taxes through the software and see if I missed anything when I did it in TurboTax. Going to take a quick inventory of Winamp to see what I lost when I wiped the Windows Media Player's library and inadvertently flushed what looks like half my music files. :(
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, work
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