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Wobbling into the burnout belt

Newegg was going to reject the motherboard/case from the Winbox since we didn't send the original box back with it, but a few minutes of polite conversation and sincere flattery convinced them otherwise. So the replacement should show up sometime next week, and about time, too. Epic things are happening as the Swarm moves on to crush the allies of the Alliance Formerly Known as Band of DevelopersButtsexBrothers, and I have to sit on the sidelines waiting for the Winbox to be reassembled. Hopefully the replacement will be more reliable than the original.

So tired tonight. I have over 44 hours on the clock between the Day and Night jobs this week, and there's still tomorrow to get through. I may have to stop at Harris Teeter tomorrow and get some of the Snapple Diet Green Tea, as it is only slightly less efficacious than the legendary Dark Black BOSS Coffee and still legal, as opposed to Crank. Which would be bad for me in other ways.

Acquired my own copy of Neil Gaiman's American Gods by cashing in my rewards points from one of the survey outfits I signed up with. Read it yesterday during the Night Job, for it was ungodly slow, and it was every bit as good as I remembered.

And so to bed.
Tags: books, eve, tech stuff, work
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