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Out of kilter

Yesterday I turned 45. I didn't do all the things I'd tentatively planned on doing, but that's okay; got the AD meeting taken care of, hung out with stuckintraffik and the Reverend, after which we went to do the Chinese buffet thing (without stuckintraffik) before seeing Team America: World Police over at the AMC Southdale with tjstriker.

Was the movie good? Fuck, yeah. ^_^ I'm sure a number of the people on my friends list will find it crude, politically incorrect, clumsy satire and excessively violent (well, maybe not the last one), and they'll be right, but hey - it's a puppet movie by the guys who brought you South Park, so you know what you're in for. Vomiting, death, dumb jokes about sex, and goofy puppet stuff.

We needed to hydrate after that, so the Reverend and I bade adieu to tjstriker, got some coffee & Coke and went over to his place to hang out. I was exposed to Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Venture Boys, which are both funny - more so than the incredibly lame Sealab 2021 - and then caught up on the last fifteen years of pro wrestling, which I think qualifies as a guilty pleasure. Festivities ended about 5 AM, and now I need to go back to Josh's and retrieve my vest...which has my sunglasses in it. Owww.
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