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A textbook case...

...of "Dishes It Out But Can't Take It" syndrome. Names have been changed to avoid further embarrassment of the guilty.

This all started late last month. An acquaintance of mine in Canada mailed a bunch of his "regulars", as he does every so often on matters political and social (movies & anime), asking what we thought of a URL that was showing a video claiming that the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon was a hoax, and pointing out several pieces of "evidence" supporting this view. Astute readers will have already noticed the similarity to the book by Thierry Meyssan. One of the other Canadians on the list posted the link to the "Hunt the Boeing!" essay on snopes.com, and that's where the fun started.

10/2 12:04 AM
Thanks, Shayne. I'm just getting to this now after several days without internet access. I thought it sounded like a video version of the conspiracy theory Thierry Meyssan was selling, and apparently I was right, according to Snopes.

One wonders where most of those people would have heard an air-to-surface missile or SSM before. They're not exactly common around the Washington area.

10/2/2004 12:53 AM M***** writes:
Thought you could [buy? -KT] them at Wal-Mart.

10/3/04 11:45 PM:
Only in your world, Mark.

10/4/04 12:36 AM M***** wrote:
Kiss, kiss, Kevin. :-P

10/5/04 7:54 PM
:P indeed. ^_^

10/5/04 8:23 PM M***** writes:
This is over. Kevin, please do me a favor and don't write/respond to anything I say, and I will do likewise. I don't like you. I find your nature condescending, insulting and mean, and your personality abrasive. Just ignore anything I say and we need never come in contact with each other ever again.

10/5/04 7:04 AM
[shrugs] Okay.

Gee, one less person to like me in the world. Somehow I think I'll live.
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