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Five things Jo wants to know about me

  • Chief Wombat

  • This is a title I picked up/started using at Anime Detour, maybe in the first year, maybe when I became chairman for real in 2005 . It stems from my previous volunteer experience as Beer Wombat at Anime Iowa; as my LJ bio says, I'm clearly too large & slow to be a badger. ;)

  • Local (MN) Convention History

  • Oh God...I studied up on this pretty hard in the run-up to organizing Anime Twin Cities, the non-profit that runs Detour, and I'm probably not exaggerating too much to say that I know the history of Arcana, Convergence, Diversicon, Marscon, Minicon and Consume better than a lot of folks still living in Minnesota. My intention was to avoid the kind of destructive split that decimated Minicon (see "HRMP Wars") back in the day, and hopefully in another five years I'll know if what I and the other founding members signed off on worked. In the meantime, I got to talk to a lot of interesting people about how all that *waves hand in general direction of the Twin Towns of Terror* got started. I never did manage to get it all written down, and eventually the notion of doing an actual history got squeezed out by illness, internet spaceships, Detour, family issues, Detour, college, illness, Convergence, and Detour. ;)

  • You Can't Handle the Cat Girls

  • Heh. As I explained here in excruciating detail, it just popped into my head when we were brainstorming themes for the 2006 Anime Detour. Since I was Sole Rightful AutocratChairman, and it wasn't an obviously horrible idea, we went with it. We got an awesome T-shirt design (was that yours, belindabird?) out of it. We also got some minor drama from the SogenCon folks, who like 75% of the anime cons in North America have a catgirl mascot, and thought we were dissing them.

  • Republicanism

  • Trying to explain the GOP to people is what they hired the Man of Steele for, and I don't think you want to read a thesis-sized document from me anyway. ("This book would be big enough to stun an ox." - Laurie Anderson) I tend to support Republican candidates because they usually tend to support the issues I, a Libertarian Falangist, think are important: low taxes, smaller government, a strong military, limited access to (and no government funding for) abortion - in general, a government that stays out of peoples' lives as much as possible, especially at the Federal level. Ironically, I was much more moderate when I came to Minnesota from Maryland in 1983, but after living there (mostly in Minneapolis) for a quarter century, I became much more hardcore about a lot of issues like school choice, preventing voter fraud, and concealed carry. Funny how seeing the kind of stupidity Democrats perpetrate when they have no effective opposition will do that to you.

  • Evil Banking Neighbor

  • Wells Fargo, where I worked from the late winter of 1999 until the summer of 2007. The nickname is a riff on Midwest Federal S&L (gone but not forgotten) which used to use the slogan "Your friendly neighbor" or something like it until they imploded during the S&L crisis due to a surfeit of mobile home loans, IIRC.
    Given my often-rocky relationship with my supervisors at Wells, it seemed to fit.
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