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Internet spaceships

I haven't posted much about EVE in a while because I really hadn't been doing much. Goonfleet left its home in the South and piled into Delve for a rematch of last year's campaign, and I was one of the stragglers. Part of this was laziness, but a large part of it was because a lot of time was getting taken up by the Night Job and I had to take care of other business on nights when I wasn't working.

Anyhow...I paid one of my Canuckistani squadmates to run the bulk of my precious blueprints up to Delve, got a couple of transports worth of ammo & crap blown up trying to make the long run to Delve, and got about half a dozen ships trapped in stations that had already been overrun by enemy forces. Welp. This meant that when I finally arrived in Delve via clone (after being podded in one of those transports) I didn't have much except for a frigate, a destroyer, a speedy Minmatar cruiser, a mining barge, and another transport. So I set to work making ammo and missiles, figuring that I could fill a few holes in the market by providing ammo and missiles at non-fuckgoons prices. This I did; I also lost that cruiser in a retarded attempt at ratting, and replaced it by buying not only a Blackbird EW cruiser, but a Rupture which I promptly equipped with lasers. This worked much better at ratting, but I still need to be careful with it; between that and the munitions business I should be back in a battlecruiser soon, and then I can do something constructive in the way of PVP. Either that or die hilariously. :)



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Mar. 7th, 2009 01:37 am (UTC)
Just use EMP or phased plasma. Blood Raiders are vunerable to EMP and thermal, in that order.
Mar. 7th, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Yeah. I have to remember to save some EMP-M or PP-M rounds the next time I cook some. Right now the Lupture has two medium lasers, a small laser, a salvager, a medium nos and a heavy missile launcher in its high slots, which seems to be enough DPS to kill the smaller Blood Raider BS.
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