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musical bookends

So this morning I overslept and wound up getting ready for work to the tune of Don Henley's
"The Heart of the Matter".

So I like this song...but at the same time it fills me with RAGE. There are some obvious reasons why, I suppose. I'm far from the only person whose wiring sometimes converts sadness to anger, and in fact all three of the cultures I call my own consider this a quite normal reaction. Other folks, of course, consider it pretty warped and twisted, but that's their problem. Anyway, it put me in a crappy mood, aggravated by this morning's routine being rushed to the point where I had no time for coffee at home. Still, it makes me wonder. Aside from technical merit, why do I like this song so much if it makes me so damn angry? This is one of those times I wish I had File Manager for the brain; it would be nice to poke around in there and see where the links are.

I was much happier to leave work, hit the CD player in the Kia, and hear "Sister Surround". Go figure.

Oh, materia_indigo: I got the package, thanks.
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