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I'm going to hate myself in the morning.

Oh wait, it is morning. :(

I was going to go to bed after getting caught up with edminster's dad*, but first I found this and then I found this and the next time I looked at Cowzilla's clock it was already 0030. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Aside from conversation and eating...something...for dinner, the evening was largely spent with my head stuck in the intertubes. Some parts were spent being amused by Quotations from Chairman Bill; hopefully someone will collect his bon mots since 1969 sometime soon.

What? Listen to the President's speech? You don't think I'm sufficiently unimpressed by his bullshit already?**

*Dude. We need to get you an LJ account, because awkward workarounds are awkward. Don't cost nuthin'.

**No, I'm not happy with the state of my IRA, but since I was down with the "work until dead" plan anyway, it's a minor annoyance in the unending pit of miserymy life. Ah, it could be worse. I could be living in Pyongyang, or in the WH40K universe.
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