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Night job goes away for the week

Well, this doth suck greatly. Somebody up the food chain at the Night Job (not the district manager, who was as pissed off as my manager, who was Serious Old Lady Pissed Off) decided "OMG we're spending too much money on CSCs! Give them all a week off!" This wouldn't be nearly as insulting and ridiculous if they weren't -at the same time- offering ten hours of free marketing support to each office manager. Yeah, great, have customers come in and instead of having trained CSCs welcome them in, set appointments or set them up for walk-in tax prep, have the handful of interns deal with them instead of preparing taxes. Which is what the interns are supposed to be learning. :facepalm:

1635: The Dreeson Incident was pretty disappointing; far more time was spent on the hideously convoluted relationships of several minor characters in Grantsville while practically all the major political action took place in a couple of terse chapters that could have been cribbed from Wikipedia. TBQH, it read like a hillbilly soap opera, complete with the obligatory hideous Dowager Queen Bitch character, and while I enjoy the occasional soap opera (cf. my continuing interest in Ai Yori Aoshi) this is not what I read Flint's Assiti Shards novels for. Do not want; YMMV.
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