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not one of the better Saturdays

Well, OK, going to Hamburg Doner for dinner with P was good, and so was getting laundry & dishes done, but having the misnamed Winbox crash and die today was massively bad. Fortunately, the motherboard and case can be swapped for a (hopefully) new & good system, but the machine will be out of action for a couple of weeks - and my copy of Tactical Neural Implant along with it. I knew I should have burned it to CD just to be safe. :(

Welp. Tomorrow I'll lug the copy of the RMA and the side panels for the case out to P's place so she can ship it back and assemble the new one when it arrives. In the meantime, Cowzilla goes back on the desk.

As for Hamburg Doner, it's an interesting place. Unlike the other gyro joints around town, the doner kebab meat is more finely shaved, and served in a flatbread that has more in common with panini bread than with the pita bread or naan one usually sees gyros served on around here. Seating is very reminiscent of a German gasthaus, with folks sharing the long picnic-style tables & benches. The menu also offers schnitzel, currywurst, bratwurst, and pommes frites (=French fries) or brotchen to go with the wurst. Several types of German beer (including Hefeweizen) are available on draft or in bottles, as well as some non-alcoholic drinks peculiar to Germany. I was amused to see that the TV was tuned to GOLTV, which allowed us to watch Real Madrid kicking the snot out of Betis of Seville. Final score was 6-1, IIRC; a crushing defeat in soccer where the usual scores are 1-0, 1-1, or possibly 2-1 if the game is very exciting. :/

Anyhow, the doner were good but could have used more tzatziki imao. Will definitely swing by there again.
Tags: family drama, food, sports, tech stuff
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