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Cheesy anime goodness!

For the past three or four years, one of the blogs I pointed people to was Steven Den Beste's USS Clueless. He mostly blogged about geopolitics from a Jacksonian engineer's perspective, although he also got in some good licks on the subject of alternative energy sources and why you can't run an industrial nation on windmills and solar cells, to say nothing of biomass and pigshit. He didn't suffer fools gladly.

When he wasn't counting coup on the EUnuchs and their friends in the Tranzi (transnational progressive) movement or demonstrating for the nth time why it wasn't practical to close the coal mines and run steel mills on solar cells, Steven put up some good reviews of anime on his site, and those were every bit as enjoyable as his political and engineering posts. Probably more so if you didn't agree with his politics. ^_^ Anyway, this is all by way of noting that SDB has hung up his clue-by-four and decided to do animeblogging instead of warblogging. His new site is called Chizumatic, after the excitable foodie girl in Mahoromatic, of whom SDB is rather fond.

"Chizu" is also the Japanese word for "cheese".
Tags: culture w/o politics, linkagery
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