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Busy day, and busy is good.

First day after Eric's departure, and while I'm sure it's just coincidental, I had plenty of work to keep me busy and out of trouble today. Whether this will continue is another matter, but I'm going to play it as it lays and not worry about it, in the same way that I'm not sweating the Twins' loss today to the Tribe or their 3-4 record. It's just April. As for work, I am another month closer to the magic day of 8/2, though I still don't have a good answer to the question of what I'm going to do about cash flow if I'm spending my days student teaching. I may wind up doing my student teaching in an ALC, which would be quite different from what I expect to be doing.

Should have called ahead - found out on arrival at the body shop that they open at 8 AM and close at 6, which is pretty damn inconvenient for me. I guess I'll have to make arrangements to come in late on Wednesday or to take off early tomorrow. To make matters worse, I found an e-mail from Aaron Z when I got home reminding me that we were supposed to go out to the storage locker and get the videos from AMA out of there. Oops. At least Melody and I were productive otherwise - went to Galyan's and got various items of exercise gear she needs (yes, we have a gym in the complex office; no, don't ask me why she's not using that instead) after dining at Chipotle. More about that after I return from the laundry room.
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