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Happy Presidents' Day

While this is the day we officially remember Washington & Lincoln, I agree with Bird Dog that we should also remember one of the great unsung Presidents.

Today was a day much like other days, except that it started with dropping onsenmark off at the Van Dorn Street Metro station so he could take the train downtown to the bus station and not have to jerk around riding Metrobuses to Ballston (change for Metro Center) when he could just take the Metro all the way. After the Day Job, I proceeded to the Night Job, put in about 3.3 hours, and went home by way of Chipotle.

Had problems all weekend with the Winbox choking and dying; tweaked the Realtek setup and am hoping for the best.

Am partway through the second reading of The Honor of the Clan and still don't know quite what to think about it. Picked up and finished Wodehouse's Psmith, Journalist, which was an amusing palate cleanser and not at all related to the Buck Godot adventure of the same name. Maybe it's some other Psmith novel that Phil had in mind.