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Just another taxing Sunday

Worked the Night Job for about eight hours today, including the time I took to retrieve onsenmark from the hotel so he could dump his stuff at the Burrow and return for the tail end of Katsucon. I'll also be working tomorrow night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night, so the paycheck at month's end should be pretty decent. Depending, of course, on how I hold up through the week.

Nothing else to say, really; this article on the Amish and how they adapt to technology (or adapt it to their uses) is interesting; also via Instapundit, the flowering of romance now that Iraq is (mostly) peaceful again. In other terror news, Terrorists Quit over Pay Dispute, leading Glenn to quip "Geez, everybody's suffering from the recession!" Lots of cool tech stuff here, and that's just the first six weeks of 2009.