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wtf, world, wtf

Got a good night's sleep mainly by virtue of resetting the alarm to 0800, and am now awake trying to make sense of various senseless things that went down while I was being an otaku last night. Among these is Ringo & Cochrane's Honor of the Clan, which arrived yesterday and was read while laundry was processing. Review later, after I've read through it a couple more times.

Should have done EVE stuff last night and didn't, which might make getting my shit to Delve interesting. Meh, it's all insured, and even the blueprints can be replaced.

Plan calls for me to be showered, dressed, and at the hotel by 1000 for the comics panel. It could happen and probably will. deathquaker will probably not be joining us since she has family issues to deal with, but that's life; hopefully therevdrnye will not also be a no-show. For now, I must do coffee and other drugs. I suspect things will make a little more sense after I do this.

UPDATE: Plan has failed miserably mainly due to inertia and a surfeit of internet spaceships. Showering now. Will probably make it to the philosophy & anime panel.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, friends, katsucon
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