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Unexpected freedom

Bob released me ~1230 since there was fuck-all work to do. Weird that he's treating me better after he's fired me than before.

Anyway, headed home, ate lunch, found the missing Johnny Cash & Scooter tracks on Cowzilla, and moved them to the Winbox. Going to change shirts in a minute and head out to Tyson's Corner for an interview with a staffing outfit. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst, etc.

Via Ace, a description of the TARP's evolution. No dinosaur death answers therein, unfortunately.
Also, can I possibly be the only /b/tard and/or moron to have noticed that the Troubled Asset Relief Program's acronym is the same as /b/'s slang term for transsexuals?
(In before "Not your political allies".)
Tags: laffo, work
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