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This weekend has 35 hours

Didn't get called in for work today, so was able to do some more cleaning as well as dealing with the laundry. Played some Rise of Nations, then some EVE, and finally started the Kursk scenario from The Operational Art of War. Talk about a slaughterhouse...I begin to understand why a number of wargames (Eric Goldberg's regrettable Kursk being an exception) dealt with the battle as part of the 1943 campaign rather focus on Kursk itself. It's really not a very good game situation.

I'd originally planned to go out to Wal-Mart for more shopping today but never got around to it, having been distracted by the aforementioned games, Lone Wolf & Cub #1, and Sharpe's Fury. I'll make a short run to Harris-Teeter for coffee and leave it at that, especially because I want to see if I really was dumb enough to leave my TX in the truck. Again.
Tags: domestic stuff, history, wargames

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