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Worst meals ever

Because I am the kind of person I am, this post by chebutykin made me remember the worst meals I've ever had.

1. Christmas 2000. The kids, Bubba and I were driving back from Washington after burying my father. We were somewhere in Indiana, heading into Illinois, pushing to reach the next arbitrary stopping point, and none of us really felt like being around other people. Instead of trying to find an open restaurant we just got some hot dogs from the gas station we were refueling at. They tasted like shit, but I don't think it was the food.

2. A few months earlier, I met my soon-to-be-ex at Curran's for what would be our last dinner together. I don't even remember what I had...anyway, I told her I'd been talking to lawyers, and she was going to have to make up her mind whether she wanted a husband and a family or her boyfriend. Exit s2bx, crying. I think that was the only time I'd ever been there and not finished my meal.

3. (Comic relief) While attending the K3 course at Fort Devens in the summer of 1985, I got to try the new MREs for the first time. Unfortunately, there was no water around, and I made the mistake of eating the dehydrated potato cake. Sometime later, when I got hold of some water, I drank about a quart at once. Rehydration of potatoes -and hilarity- ensued.

4. Probably more along the lines of cooking disasters, but I found out the hard way that 1) Curry is not an acceptable substitute for chili peppers and 2) there is such a thing as too much mace in a carrot cake.

5. Going alone to Hooters the night my ex got remarried (since the kids had changed their minds and gone after all) for wings, beer, the Twins game, beer, and more beer. I don't remember a damn thing about how the wings tasted; they could have been fried muktuk with Tabasco for all I know. That was pretty much the last serious drinking binge I indulged in, too; I think it took my blood sugar most of a week to recover.


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Feb. 8th, 2009 03:20 am (UTC)
i remember the tater rehydration....
.... i talked to you on the phone right after some event
involving the delayed rehydration of MRE taters. even
while laughing telling the story it was clear that it was
no laughing matter at the time!


Feb. 8th, 2009 03:24 am (UTC)
Re: i remember the tater rehydration....
Nope, it was pretty painful. I thought for a few minutes I was going to rupture myself. :(
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