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Online shopping FTW

So aside from a few groceries picked up at Harris Teeter this afternoon, household expenses for this week include more bandages & tape from Allegro Medical - they work out to about half the price I'd be paying at Walmart, even with shipping, and of course WMT doesn't carry the 4" Medipore tape in any case. Also ordered a new, black work shirt from Draft Horse Clothing; it would have been a buck cheaper bought directly from Dickies, sure, but it's worth it to me - Draft Horse has provided me with good trews and shirts over the past couple of years, so I'll stick with them.

Punched out early from the night job since it was ungodly cold out and therefore the usual flood of walk-in customers had dried to a trickle of 1-2 people over the three hours I was there. I have tomorrow and Saturday off unless the office manager decides she really really needs me, but since the regular night shift CSC will be there I don't imagine that'll be happening. Good thing, too; I need to do laundry and finish excavating this place so onsenmark has somewhere to crash when he shows up next week.
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, work
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