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Payday link dump

Maybe not as bad as waking up in a tub full of ice with a sore spot in your back where your kidney used to be, but still a really bad date.

Obama Administration fucks up General Zinni's appointment as Ambassador to Iraq, forgets to tell him it's not on. Well played, guys.

Robert "Family Guy" Gibbs makes press, pundits yearn for halcyon days of Scott McClellan.

Porkulus bill needed urgently? Maybe not at all, sez CBO

American soldier reams out slack-ass, militia sympathizer Iraqi police. Somewhere, R. Lee Ermey is smiling.

Mike Steele cleans house at the RNC. About damn time.

Speaker Pelosi: dumber than soap? Between this and the "57 states" gaffe during the campaign, makes you wonder where all the edjumacated folks are in the Donkey Party.

It's all about the bacon.
In lieu of Penguin Mints or Altoids?