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second attempt at needles

Stopped by the Walmart after work in search of a refill of my needle prescription, since I finally ran through the box of 100 I got sometime last year. Don't need a prescription, since I'm between health care plans at the moment, but unfortunately it seemed that everyone in the south half of Fairfax County was getting their prescriptions filled since it was an hour wait. Of course, since insulin syringes are controlled items, they couldn't just chuck me the box and have me pay for it somewhere else, either. :(

So I guess I'll grab a couple bags of garbage, head out, get needles, and refill the Kia's tank with the other half of the Exxon gas card I got last payday. Hopefully the pharmacy staff will have worked through the mobs of people by the time I get there.

UPDATE: Garbage ejected, Kia refueled, needles obtained; also, soup for lunch tomorrow & Wednesday procured in addition to other comestibles. I am now consuming a Banana Moon Pie in honor of phoenixalpha's birthday. :D
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, medical stuff
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