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Experimentation with the bread robot

Since I had most of a quart of egg nog left over from the holidays, I figured I better do something with it before it went bad. Thus, Eggnog Bread, using a variation on the lemon poppy seed recipe I've been using with some success for the past few months. Cut back on the sugar and the oil but kept the vanilla extract. Be interesting to see how this turns out - last time I made it, as I recall, I added some brandy that didn't do much to help the bread rise and didn't improve the flavor either.



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Jan. 28th, 2009 09:05 am (UTC)
As with rum cake, you'd probably be better off sprinkling (or dousing, depending on your tastes) the bread with alcohol *after* it's baked.

Jan. 28th, 2009 01:45 pm (UTC)
Mmmm, rum sauce.
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