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I can has sound nao!

But no Civ, since Disk 1 got left over at P's. :(

Still, after some thrashing around in the intertubes to find the right drivers, Avant and Firefox, the Winbox was go, and I took it back to the burrow to move all the files I thought needful to the new drive. EVE has been installed, as has Rise of Nations, which frankly I don't like as much as Civ; it's a little too "real time" in its simulation, and jumping around different parts of the screen to fight multi-front wars sucks. Still, it'll have to do for a while.

No work today; things were apparently pretty dead at the office. Just as well; I shorted myself on sleep last night and really should have gone to bed a few hours ago. So after this, I'm shooting up and laying down, perchance to dream.
Tags: domestic stuff, tech stuff, work
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