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Arcana, day 3

Rolled out of bed before the alarm went off at 9, showered, dressed, found out phoenixalpha had caught whatever virus had made me miserable all last week and wasn't coming to Arcana, so I grabbed another McBreakfast with McHello Kitty and got over to the hotel around 1130. Did hospitality suite-type stuff for about half an hour and then went to square accounts with Dwayne, the convention treasurer. I owed Arcana $65 for the auction (yeah, I went a little overboard) and they owed me a little over $100 for pop and munchies.

After that I actually spent most of the afternoon in panels listening to Tim Powers and other authors talk about workshops such as Clarion, religion (a very good discussion that also featured Lyda Morehouse) and of course closing ceremonies, after which a bunch of us decamped to Tavern on Grand. The parking sucks and so do the chairs (eh, I need a smaller butt anyway) but the food is very good and the service was okay.

I stuck around for the early part of the Undead Dog Party and watched The Devil Bat starring Bela Lugosi as The Mad Scientist With A Deadly Grudge, after which Tim and Serena Powers said good-night and I followed their example, taking my cooler and my dolly and the unused food trays and going home. And so to bed...
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