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Close, but not there yet

(or, Winbox - moar like Failbox, c/d?)

Well, P got the box successfully running this morning, and I lugged it home only to discover when I got it set up that I'd forgotten the keyboard at P's. Being too low on gas and cash to go back for it, I tried the other two kibos laying around the burrow. Neither one worked. *sigh* Adding to my unhappiness is the lack of a sound card on the motherboard, which means I'll need to pick up a suitable card next weekend when we finish installing the other 320MB drive, which was not installed for lack of suitable power cord splitter. It runs, it uses the Windows classic interface because the XP interface is annoying, and it runs Civicrack tolerably well. Be nice if I could write with it; also be nice if I didn't forget obvious crap like the keyboard.

Never heard from H&R Block as to when they wanted me in today. I'll stop by tomorrow and find out what the deal was.

Slowly but surely people are buying my old MA/Instruction texts. The sooner they're all gone, the happier I'm going to be. There'll be a big mailing this Friday as I ship off three books to their new owners. :)
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