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changes in the weekend plans

I was originally going to head down to Richmond for the pre-inauguration Moronpalooza there, but went a little overboard this week and so will stay home, tend to laundry, and do other stuff around the apartment. Like, say, laundry.

Picked up some IQF chicken breasts at Walmart earlier in the week and have come to the conclusion after a couple of experiments that these are not fryer breasts. Way too thick to cook properly in the frying pan. So today I threw them into the crockpot with some peas & carrots, a can of new potatoes, a little bit of the leftover Christmas ham, and not enough garlic and pepper. It turned out well, if a little bland; I fished out the potatoes and replaced them with barley, which I probably should have used in the first place. Also baked another loaf of bread, but I think I should have waited for it to cool down in the pan a little first.

Aside from that, Civicrack and Tom Wolfe (The Right Stuff) took up most of the evening; going to hit the rack now and watch more Yawara!
Tags: domestic stuff, food
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