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Amazon 6, wallet 0

So after rescheduling my truck insurance until after next payday, I indulged myself by picking up six songs off Amazon.com's MP3 download service, which was pretty painless- almost too much so, since I wound up buying one more than the five songs I originally intended.* Didn't do much else since I stopped at Wal-mart and the polling place on the way home; there's a special election for the House of Delegates in my district, so I went out and twiddled the dial for the GOP candidate.

I thoroughly recommend Apollo Medical if (God forbid) you need wound care stuff and order it through the Intertubes. I ordered a box of Mepilex 4"x4" bandages Saturday and they were at my doorstep today. Hooyah!

And with that, I'm heading for bed early. I think I'll do baking and maybe some other domestic stuff tomorrow.

*For the record, the tunes in question were "I Wanna Be a Lifeguard" by Blotto, "Crush on You" by the Jets, "How the Hell" by Big Chris Gates & Gatesville, One (Always Hardcore) by DJ Scooter, "Walking In The Shadow of the Big Man" by Guadalcanal Diary, and "Mother of Pearl" by Roxy Music.
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff, music
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