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So much for those plans

I'd hoped to get my new box home and set up tonight, and to that end went out to Fairfax and picked up SATA cables at the MicroCenter before they closed. Unfortunately, that left me with 2-3 hours to kill before Melody would be ready to finish the work, and everybody I knew was off doing something else. So I went to the Shoppers in Chantilly and finished grocery shopping, hit the McD's in Sterling for dinner, and arrived at RS & P's place to find it dark. Okay, I was half an hour early, but when I got back to the truck I found a message on the phone from about 1730, but instead of being an INFORMATIVE message that actually contained INFORMATION, it was one of those uselessly vague messages: "Uh, call me as soon as you get this." Parents hate this kind of message because it could mean anything from police/medical problems to one's spawn having run out of gas someplace, or being in Vegas shortly before impending nuptuals.

Turned out to be none of those things, thank God, but it was something every bit as annoying. P had gone up to Baltimore in the morning to visit a friend and had wound up staying there all day. Which I didn't care so much about, but her still being in Baltimore at 1830 when we were supposed to be doing stuff with boxes in 30-60 minutes was FAIL. I wasn't happy, but managed to restrain myself from being too bitchy, and agreed that we'd sort this out later.

So it's not like I drove all the way out to Ashburn for nothing, but I didn't get anything done out there I couldn't have done closer to home, and arguably with less expense. Plus, I spent an hour on the road that I could have spent playing internet spaceships.
Tags: family drama, tech stuff
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