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No colours any more...

Slept in late, into the afternoon in fact, which isn't too surprising considering I was up until a little after 0100 this morning and went to bed in a melancholy mood.
I had come across some pictures along with the StippleAPAs (APAe?) and it was unsettling, looking at those people and their dog, only one of them having a clue about what was coming down the tracks to wipe those smiles off their faces like an industrial-strength belt sander. Yeah.

NO SURRENDER. Hell yeah!

Going out to do shopping for bandages, cables, and some foodz this afternoon. Already paid the bulk of my bills; all that's left is the truck insurance. Cables will actually be waiting until tomorrow since Walmart doesn't stock them and Best Buy's prices are twice what MicroCenter wants. Don't want to head out right now since Walmart will be a mob scene; better to go around 1700 when people have gone home for dinner and it's less crazy. Of course, it's possible that a lot of what I want will be gone from the shelves, but there's always Plan B.
Tags: back in the day, domestic stuff, family drama
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