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It should have been a steel cage match.

That's what I told the Reverend last night, when he called me during the debates as I was demolishing a rack of ribs at Famous Dave's. 433 is partially correct when he complained that W was just reciting things he'd already said in his commercials; Kerry was doing the same thing, at least in the segments I tuned into on the radio. I didn't listen to very much of the debate precisely because it was just MOTSS from both guys, and as I commented to chibitoaster, what's the point of wasting time watching it? Even assuming that I wanted to, I don't have cable or the dish, so I couldn't sit at home and throw things at my own TV, and I didn't feel like imposing on David Strom & Margaret Martin, who were having a debate party at their place for the Northern Alliance.

So far, most of my LJ acquaintances think it was a win for Kerry while the bloggers think it was a draw for W at worst. Either way it's pretty meaningless in the context of the election.

As it was, I had a quiet evening at home after going out to plow through the rib platter, since Scott and phoenixalpha were out at Karl & Joella's. The copy of Jin-Roh (Special Edition) arrived and I looked it over; one corner of the box is a little crunched but the discs are intact and the booklet is there. I'll probably look at it next week after Arcana.
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