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Welcome to Sunday, much like Saturday

Today's domestic accomplishment: disposing of the small mountain of soup cans that had built up next to the sink because I was too lazy to slice off the Campbell's "Labels for Education" UPCs. I might still throw some bread in, but I'm dithering about that. I also have accumulated enough rewards points with SunTrust to get $25 back, which is nice.

I could go out and get some tape for bandages tonight, or I could just use the roll of Coban that's been taking up space on top of the fridge for a few months. I'm not crazy about Coban when it comes to bandaging my leg. Yes, it does stick only to itself, but it does that REALLY WELL, so it's a pain to wrap around the leg and a pain to take off. I usually wind up cutting it off, which requires great care since office scissors != hospital scissors. Inertia will probably win this one, and I'll get the tape tomorrow along with some more Kleenex, because blowing my nose on TP is fail.
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