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O HAI 2009

After fighting with stupid quantities of lag trying to browse everything from Instapundit to LiveJournal, I finally got a clue and power-cycled the DSL modem. I do this often enough at work; wonder why it didn't occur to me to try this last night? Probably the oncoming cold.

Anyway, I wound up staying in last night, hanging out on P's MUD under construction with P and her friends. This was awkward since lag made it difficult to have a coherent conversation with anyone. Went to bed ~0030 after reading another chapter of The Forgotten Man, which I finished today.

Pretty good, if a bit short. Lots of parallels to modern times, though of course the unemployment rate now is nowhere near the 10-20% range it was in the 1930s, and not as likely to get there. The most interesting thing to be was that FDR's Brain Trust and its policies weren't so much to blame for the prolongation of the depression as FDR himself, who simply could not resist fucking around and would not settle on a range of policies. Time and again, FDR's "let's try this, no let's try this" behavior destroyed any hope of stability the business community might have hoped for, and without stability nobody invests in anything. People don't get hired, equipment isn't purchased, and the effects echo through the economy. Here's hoping Obama is smarter than FDR. As for the book itself, I recommend it. It's the best summation of the "FDR screwed up" view of the Depression out there.

Been spending the day farting around and reading; will probably go to bed in an hour or so.

For the benefit of edminster, and anyone else interested: my incomplete essay on Libertarian Falangism. Enjoy. Comments welcome.
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