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I think I'm officially old now.

And about time, really; I've been practicing to be old since I was little.
Anyway, clubbing plans fell through due to failure to communicate and especially my failure to ask about plans early enough (like, a couple of days might have been better), which was okay; these things happen. digex did come through, names were added to appropriate list, but by then I was late and it was tired out. More so for bro and fiance, who may actually have had farther to drive. [Edited to more accurately reflect reality and remove an inadvertent slam on digex.]

What was not okay was that the Internets seemed to be full of flapping and fail; even big time sites like Instapundit had to be F5'd repeatedly, and some sites just refused to load.

Anyway, before I toddle off to read Amity Shlaes' horror novel about FDR, King of the Undead and his prosperity-devouring zombie hordes, have some amusing links:

Australian preacher gets all dhimmified about topless beaches. (Pic related but NSFW.)
(Via GVDL, who is outraged at the continued perversity that follows previous indecorous Christmas posts. Yes, of course they're NSFW.)

Katherine Mangu-Ward offers relationship advice to the troubled. (Virginia Postrel)

The Best Ad Campaign in Human History. Brought to you by the Danish financial services/appliance industry.
(I dunno which, no comprendo Danish).
Unlike the previous link, NSFW. Post contains bonus trashing of Jessica Valenti, if you fancy that sort of thing. (Ace)

Paul Beston catches on to the Chairman of the Board after a life spent marinating in rock. Good stuff.

Rachael Ray is trying to kill your dog! Protip: People stupid enough to feed people food to their dog without knowing if it's going to hurt the dog shouldn't have dogs. Or computers. Kill yourselves, tia. (Instapundit)
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