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Thursday morning linkagery

So much for taking a break. Michele talks about what's happened to the left and the Democratic Party during this election cycle. I think she spends a little too much time getting her feet wet in the DU fever swamps, but then you see Michael Moore in the place of honor at the Democratic National Convention, and you wonder.

I haven't read Newsweek in years, since it doesn't seem to be any different from Time magazine, which I gave up on during the Ford Administration as being hopelessly partisan and biased. Apparently Newsweek recently ran the obligatory hit piece on bloggers, and Professor Death takes them to the woodshed, including a link to today's Bleat, which does somewhat the same for local blowhard Nick Coleman.

As much as I like the idea of major league baseball coming back to Washington (if only to stick a thumb in the eye of Orioles owner Peter Angelos) Michelle Malkin has the right of it; there is no reason to rip off the taxpayers to give the relocated Expos a new home. Besides, not only is the new stadium a bad idea (RFK should be preserved as a bad example, if nothing else) stealing the team from Montreal is a much worse idea and may yet fall victim to the courts, as Colby Cosh points out. Either the Rangers should come home or we should get another expansion team. It's only fair...besides, think of the joy Mark Teixeira would create beating up on the hapless pitchers on the O's and D-Rays.
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