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A heartwarming Hanukkah/Christmas story

Joel Rosenberg explains it all.
"Some years ago, I was asked by Judy's second-grade teacher to come in and explain Chanukah to her class. I resisted, at first -- I find the public school emphasis on Chanukah as a way of allowing Christmas celebrations there to be offensive tokenism -- but I did finally relent. The only condition I insisted on was that I'd tell the truth about Chanukah, in a way that I thought second-graders could understand, and that it wasn't going to be about candles lasting longer than their official specs.

So, I went in, and he introduced me, and talked about how Chanukah was one of the holidays that we all celebrate this time of year (I think my body language said, "Say what?").

I kept it short. 'Chanukah is the time that we Jews celebrate having risen up and killed people who tried to make us celebrate their holidays. You know, like Christmas.'

Lots of wide eyes in the classroom; I wasn't asked back. Not even for Purim."

And with that, I'm off to get my fasting glucose blood test done, do a little (very little) shopping at the Walmart, and then maybe clean up the apartment some. Exciting plans, I know, but the Zyvox and Levaquin are still kicking my ass while expunging the bacteria, so I'm not up to doing much.
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