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Got up early this morning and went out to Herndon for breakfast with P. Gave her Christmas presents, had good solid breakfast of eggs & sausage & taters & various other starch components, and conversation that ranged from MUDs to awful bedtime stories (NSFW) and the lack of creativity on the part of the ex. I headed off home as she headed off for bed (she's still working mid shifts) after we agreed to get together and do the box thing...Sunday, I think? Some day when she's not working, anyway.

Christmas passed pretty quietly. Did some baking of thump biscuits and related starch components, carved into the ham (OMG BETTER THAN I REMEMBERED) and nuked some mixed veggies. Lounged around playing Civicrack, browsing /b/, and eventually logged into EVE. Chatted some with thaadd but most of the other folks I know online weren't there, so I didn't stay long. What with one thing and the other I haven't been feeling up to doing much in EVE of late...don't really feel much like losing a moderately expensive ship due to drug-induced stupidity, and I feel dumb flying a Blackbird or tackling frigate after spending this long in Goonfleet.

Well,I have a fasting glucose test in the morning, so might as well crash. 'Night all; hope your Christmas was fun.