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and another long weekend begins

Released today at ~1330 after a relatively slow day at work. I ducked out at 1130, deposited my paycheck, mailed Christmas cards to dejana, edminster, onsenmark and others and got back to work where the boss had put on some chicken & deli trays for lunch. Paternalistic capitalism rules OK!

I got lucky with the Christmas cards - arrived at the Springfield USPS branch just as they were locking the doors, since they were closing at noon today.

Anyway, I have a little shopping left to do, and several hours left to do it in. Shoppers closes at 8, B&N at 6, and between the two I should be able to get what I need. Well, a stop at CVS to get some bandages & alcohol wipes to tide me over until Friday, since there's no way I'm going to Walmart today. No damn way.

From Maggie's Farm regarding Hanukkah:
A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Chanukah cards.
She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Chanukah stamps?"
The clerk says, "What denomination?"
The woman says, "Oh my God. Has it come to this? Give me 6 Orthodox, 12 Conservative, and 32 Reform."

The Wall Street Journal's annual Christmas editorial: In Hoc Anno Domini.
Just as meaningful as it was in 1949 when Vermont Royster first penned it for the WSJ.
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