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No punchline here.

Reading Megatokyo over the last couple of weeks, I'm struck by the way the plot is developing and starting to really wonder how things are going to work out for the main characters. Normally I don't like to speculate about these things, because then I have expectations about what Fred (or whatever serial artist I'm watching/reading) is going to do, and that colors how I react to the story. It's Fred's story to tell, after all; I'm just along for the ride as part of the audience.

Still...I have to wonder. It seemed as though Piro and Largo were on top of the world, in full control of their destinies, and now it looks as though that was just a cruel hoax. Largo's been fired from his consulting job with the Tokyo Police and has been publicly dissed by not only Miho but the class leader, and Piro has a broken nose to go with his screwed-up relationships with Erika, Kimiko, and Yuki. I am beginning to wonder if this story is going to have a traditional American/English ending with our heroes succeeding & living happilty ever after, or a Japanese ending where the heroes and heroines struggle bravely against their fates before dying. Yes, I'm indulging in drastic oversimplification here, but nothing says that Piro and Largo have to get out of their situation with anything other than a Bad End.

I think I actually like the strip better now, with all the angst and depressing scenes, than I did at the beginning when it was more often funny than not.
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