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no idea what's going on in there

Parts for the new desktop arrived today and were left in the hallway by the UPS guy. Fortunately, none of my fellow residents chose to spread the wealth around.

Can't seem to drink enough water to keep up with the diabetes medications and the antibiotics. I'm constantly thirsty but I don't want to drink water because it tastes funny. This is very weird since normally I can suck down massive quantities of tap water, even tap water that nobody else will drink. I'm convinced that all the drugs are screwing up my taste buds in an annoying but non-lethal way. Another reason I can hardly wait until next week when the antibiotics run out.

Got blood drawn this afternoon but will have to go back Friday for the fasting glucose since Doc L kinda forgot to mention that test. Man, I hate those...12 hours without food is a major pain even if you sleep for eight of them.

Somehow managed to run out of socks and clean shirts at the same time despite having twice as many of the former than the latter.

Holy shit, Fred finally escaped from the fucking warehouse and posted a new strip. About Goddamn time.
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff, megatokyo

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