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so far, so good...so what?

Survived work, got home, ate leftover pizza and didn't die. Also, washed pretty much all the clothing & towels I own, did dishes, bagged some garbage for later disposal and got some bills paid; also looked at the KP.org site to scope out my options since PCM is changing to CareFirst on 1/1/09 and I ain't following them. Options all start on 2/1/09, which is fail, and so I guess I'll be stopping by Member Services Thursday after my appointment for some answers instead.

Not much going on aside from that; currently reading Iain Banks' Inversions.

Scraping four days' beard off my face and thoroughly washing my upper body was rather pleasant and made me feel 90% less like homeless person; remaining 10% already having been achieved by pleasant night's sleep with nose hose and reasonably quiet environment. Booya.
Tags: domestic stuff

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