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Submarine lust

After yesterday's fiasco, Quizno's is off the list of acceptable lunch options. Despite previous experience with other stores of the franchise, I went to the one in Six Quebec hoping that I would find a hot sub like the ones I remember from my youth in Washington with a toasted roll and hot meat & cheese.

Unfortunately, while the roll was toasted quite nicely and the cheese was all pleasantly melted, the beef was COLD. This is number ten, man. This is even worse than Subway's lame excuses for hot subs, which consist of various nuked fillings dumped onto the same old room-temperature roll. Cousins and Blimpie are no better. Basically, no matter where you go in the wretched Twin Towns, you are going to get some variation on a poor boy.

Unless you go to Great Steak & Fry...now there's a thought. However, even they don't do a decent steak, egg and onion sub. Their rolls are too damn small.
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