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careful now

So, yeah, cellulitis hit my right thigh like Dave Batista from the top rope Wednesday afternoon, and was bad enough by the time I got to Urgent Care at 1930 that they pumped Vancomycin into my veins for 90 minutes, added an hour's worth of IV Cipro, and sent me down the road to Fairfax Inova hospital's ER, where they eventually admitted me around 0130, drew more blood, did more tests, and eventually hauled me up to the 8th floor for more IV antibiotics.

Missed work yesterday and today, sounds like Monday isn't going to be a work day either. Fortunately, RS brought me some gun pr0n to be read in place of Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon, which has too much bullshit and not enough bullfighting in it. To be fair, he does warn the reader that you really have to see a corrida to know if it's the sort of thing you're going to like, but still. Carlos brought Cowzilla, headphones, external hard drive, chargers, and clean underwear, all of which were very much appreciated.
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