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Juggling the schedule

Well, this screws things up mightily. I had been under the (mistaken) impression that Valleycon was on the October 29-31 weekend, but phoenixalpha pointed out that it was actually the previous weekend. This poses a problem, since there was supposed to be an AD meeting on October 24, and it'll be a tad hard for me to preside if I'm still in Fargo. So that meeting will probably be rescheduled for the evening of the 21st, unless people want to push it back to the 31st, and that'll have an effect on scheduling the November meetings. Blech.

I picked up the cable modem, associated cables, and the software from TWC in Richfield, and then went to Best Buy with phoenixalpha after dinner (and a futile search for the cable jack I thought was in my room) to buy cables and a router since both of the cable jacks were in the living room and the cable TWC provided wasn't going to reach that far, quite aside from the fact that we needed to hook both desktops up to the cable feed anyway. All of this technologery turned out to be moot since we couldn't get a connection. Apparently there's either a filter on the line (best case) or the jacks aren't hooked up (worst case) and either way TWC is going to send a tech out today to check it out. And that's the way it went.

At least I'm not feeling totally drained this morning. I'm not wheezing any more when I take a deep breath, which means all the gunk is finally gone from my lungs, and I felt rested this morning instead of dog-tired. Maybe phoenixalpha's chicken stir-fry with extra chili (someday I'm going to teach her how to use measuring spoons) helped after all.
Tags: anime detour, medical stuff, tech stuff
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