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I should really be sleeping

Especially since my sleep cycle is so badly screwed I'm not coherent enough to discuss it; somewhat surprised I made it home okay from Rockville.

Rainy and cold today; truly, winter is here. So it was a good day to go up to Rockville, visit the Dunhams, and play games.

Two games of Kingmaker with therevdrnye and all three of the Dunhams; surrendered the Lancastrian cause in the first game after Henry VI had been deposed and killed in battle outside London. (I had Edward, Prince of Wales, but the Yorkists had all the bishops, and 0 Bishop = 0 King.) In the second game, I again quickly obtained Henry, and after most of the Yorkist heirs died of plague or famine, I was able to send Neville and the King to Calais (of which Neville had lately been appointed Captain) where they quickly expunged the last traitorous claimant. Now, in theory the Dunhams and therevdrnye could have chased me to Calais and elsewhere in order to wear my faction down and expunge the King in favor of the Queen, but nobody was much interested in that since it promised to be dull, boring, and worst of all time-consuming. (There was some grumbling about how I always seemed to wind up championing the Lancastrian cause.)

So we played a couple games of Chrononauts, which is kinda cool. Won the second game of that, too. After that we broke for dinner at a local Greek/Italian restaurant that was okay, and on our return from dinner chatted a bit before therevdrnye and Mason went back to College Park, and I went home.

...and so to bed.



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Dec. 1st, 2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
Actually, in the second game it was the Yorkist line that died out... Richard to plague in York, Edmund to famine in Ireland... Edward suffered a most unfortunate accident while in your care, George drank himself to death while in Mason's care (and it had NOTHING to do with the fact that you had just co-opted him into the Lancastrian line by handing him the other Edward...), and then you sent the hunchback off into France without an escort, and he never returned, no he never returned, although I'll wager that his fate was in fact known to Lord Neville.

Dec. 1st, 2008 11:08 pm (UTC)
"...and then you sent the hunchback off into France without an escort..."
Unpossible. Heirs aren't allowed to run loose around the map without a noble to keep off he rabble; he was under the aegis of Lord Neville at all times. :)

Otherwise, appropriate corrections made.
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