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Concert meme

Ganked from chebutykin

1975: Ted Nugent, Leslie West, REO Speedwagon and Montrose at the Capitol Center*, Largo MD.
1975: Jackson Browne at DAR Constitution Hall. (Late for the Sky tour)
1976: Jackson Browne at Meriwether Post Pavilion, Columbia MD (The Pretender tour)
8/26/77: Jackson Browne at the Meriwether Post Pavilion. This was the Running on Empty tour; you can hear my then-assistant manager's husband calling "Redneck Friend!" at the beginning of the title cut.
1978: Emerson, Lake & Palmer at the Cap Center.
July 1980: Devo at Meriwether Post Pavilion (Freedom of Choice tour).
1981: Ultravox at Stadthalle Mannheim (Rage in Eden tour)
1981: Rush with Girlschool at CFB Lahr

Also seen while stationed in West Germany: Neil Young (Trans tour), Tangerine Dream, Klaus Doldinger w/Passport.

1983: Laurie Anderson in Washington DC (United States I-IV tour, and no, I didn't see the whole thing :()
11/2002: James McMurtry at the Fine Line, Minneapolis
2/2003: Opeth with Devil Driver at the Quest, Minneapolis
2004-5?: Cold Colours, God-Awful, Demonicon, Teratism and some other incoherently loud metal band at the Quest.

*Demolished in 1983.

I probably have ticket stubs to a lot of these, but God only knows where they are.
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