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Black Friday Part II

So I extracted manga, school textbooks, an assload of Wodehouse, some Andre Dubus collections, various Flashman novels (and, surprisingly, a copy of The Sheikh and the Dustbin) from various boxes and the dresser in the bedroom, but even after all this I still have a shelf and a half to full on the new bookshelf. Booya.

Stuffed envelopes, shot more rats, taunted passing members of Executive Outcomes (an alliance of BoB pets), and eventually logged off EVE to shower and make the run to the post office. I returned by way of CVS, where I bought tape, and am now cultivating patience while I wait for the potatoes (regular & sweet) to finish baking. This once, nuking is not the answer.

Hey, P: would you look around your place and see if I accidentally left my coffee cone there?