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Black Friday

Woke earlier than I really wanted to but later than I planned; managed to stagger forth to the laundry room so that socks, stockings, washcloths, and other whites could be washed out. Morning Thunder followed since apparently I left the coffee cone out in the Sportage, and then I sat around killing Sansha rats while waiting for the whites to cycle through. Bread was baked, the turkey was cleaned & stuck in the oven ~1300, and I cooked a mess of eggs/taters/onions/cheese so I probably won't be hungry until the turkey is ready.

Going to set to and get the work I brought home done before I go out for postage, alcohol wipes, and surgical tape. I have to admit, I wasn't too excited abou the 2" tape the wound care nurse gave me, but now that I've been using it for a couple of weeks I really like it. It's a lot quicker, for one thing; I can just strap the Surgipad on my right leg down with three long strips, and those strips not only stay put, they also help keep the fluids from leaking out of the bandage and onto everything else.
Tags: domestic stuff, food, medical stuff, work
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