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just in time for the long holiday weekend

Went home "early" at 1330, lugging a bunch of checks with me since I'd run out of stamps - and one needed additional postage since it's going to Canada anyway. Part of the reason for my early departure was that my cold was driving me nuts. Constant sneezing, runny nose and a mild headache made it hard to concentrate and get work done, but I managed to get all the GL entries written up and posted; ditto with this week's checks.

Stopped for lunch at the Springfield Hard Times Cafe, hoping a bowl of chili would help, but it wasn't nearly hot enough. Neither were the half-price wings, although those were good - spicy but not as obnoxious as the average Buffalo wings, which mostly taste like someone rinsed them in Crystal hot sauce. After that, I headed for Kaiser to pick up a fresh box of test strips and some more Novolin N. I dozed off for a few minutes while waiting, which convinced me that I needed to go directly home, do not pass the Post Office, do not collect $200. I have Friday off, so I can deal with the postage issues then.

Major action in Goon space tomorrow; Darius Johnson is blowing the Horn of Goondor for the last time as we take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to rape, pillage, burn, rape and repeat against the traitorous eBaying Russians of Red Overlords (who are hilariously bad at PVP), the cowardly fucks of AAA, and whatever other worthless space scum want a piece of us. We have to destroy five towers to dominate the VNGJ system, and those towers are going to be trashed in Euro primetime when AAA and its allies are strongest. This ought to be seriously cool; CCP has finally fixed 99% of the lag issues that made massive fleet fights such a pain in the tuchis.

Good summary of the whole war by a dude in LOVEU (the Ultrapolite Socialites), one of Goonfleet's member corporations.

Not sure what to make yet for Thanksgiving? How about a Turbaconducken? Yes, a Turducken wrapped -thoroughly wrapped- in bacon! Must be seen to be believed.

Also, more seriously, the classic Thanksgiving editorials from the WSJ:
The Desolate Wilderness
The Fair Land

As for me, I think I'm going to have some chicken soup and retire early. Going to be a long day tomorrow, even without work.
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