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how'd this happen?

Up early (0545), but not early enough to do stuff in EVE before downtime. Plus, I seem to have contracted the cold that's been stalking me this week; still going in to work. Got my laundry out of the dryer, though. Got to find a way to turn on the heat in the nose hose; for some reason, ever since I got the new hose and headgear, it feels like I'm getting cold air stuffed up my snout, and I don't care much for that.

Took this quiz after seeing a pointer from Cobb. Scored 31/33 for a score of 93.94%, but I always was a history & economics geek. Can't believe somebody fucked up the Gettysburg Address question, though; that quote's one of the main takeaways from that short little speech. Take it and let me know how you do, oh learned f-list!

And now for a shower, since I've finished my tea and this post.
Tags: domestic stuff, memeage
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